Ivana Delalle, MD, PhD

Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Ivana Delalle


Dr. Delalle is a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University. She is a Director of Neuropathology Service at Lifespan Academic Medical Center. Dr. Delalle attended the Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia, where she received her MD in 1988 and, in 1992, her PhD in the Developmental Neuroanatomy Laboratory headed by Professor Ivica Kostovic, a pioneer in the understanding of transient layers in the developing human cortex. Dr. Delalle subsequently joined Developmental Neurobiology Laboratory headed by Professor Verne Caviness at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston where she elucidated the expression of cell cycle regulators in relation to the cortical development. After completing her Research Fellowship in Neurology at Harvard Medical School in 1997, Dr. Delalle pursued further postgraduate training as a resident in Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology in the Department of Pathology at MGH. She became board certified by the American Board of Pathology in Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology in 2001. Before joining Lifespan Academic Medical Center and Brown University, Dr. Delalle worked in the teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School and Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine as a scientist investigating neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases, as a neuropathologist with expertise in neurooncology in the clinical arena, and as a teacher and mentor committed to the education of medical students, residents, and neuropathology fellows.

Other Positions

  • Associate Professor, Neurology, Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
  • Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Brown University
  • Member, Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research, Boston University


  • University of Zagreb, MD
  • University of Zagreb, PhD


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  • Published on 7/28/2020

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