Scrubs Guidelines

Scrubs issued by Boston Medical Center are for business use only and are considered Medical Center property. Medical Student usage of these items will be monitored. Students are responsible for the safekeeping of scrubs. Upon dismissal, withdrawal or graduation from BU Chobanian & Avedisian SOM, Medical students are required to return all Medical Center issued scrubs immediately at the appropriate dispensing unit.

Students are assigned one (1) scrub credit and are required to return scrubs at the end of each day. Scrub “top” and “bottom” must be placed in designated slots to receive full credit. Students must enter their pin before returning scrubs. Do not share scrub numbers or pins with anyone.

Items that are not scrubs cannot be returned into the unit. Any students caught doing so will be required to meet with Dean Angela Jackson on professionalism issues.

Students who do not have a scrub credit or have issues with their scrub number should report issues to the Clerkship Coordinator during their rotation.

Updated May 2015, June 2019