Curricular Change Policy

Curricular Change Policy

Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine’s Medical Education Committee and its subcommittees supervise the educational program leading to the doctor of medicine degree. Changes to courses or clerkships that impact the school’s curriculum as described below must be reviewed and approved by the MEC or its subcommittees prior to implementation.

Purpose of Policy: Chobanian & Avedisian SOM has a four-year horizontally and vertically integrated curriculum. Curricular changes at any level can impact the coherence of the curriculum, and its integration. This procedure is promulgated to describe the scope of such issues, for which MEC and potentially Dean-level approval are required.


MEC approval: Changes in the curriculum that require MEC (and potentially Dean or Associate Dean) approval include:

  1. Change to the Institutional Learning Objectives (aka, Educational Program Objectives)
  2. Major modifications to course or clerkship (major change includes: major changes in structure or duration of a course, or a substantial change that impacts another course, or impacts the relationship between courses).

PCS/CCS approval: To insure the integrity of coordination and integration of competencies across the curriculum, notification at the PCS or CCS committee is required for addition, deletion, or substantial change to the content in course-level objectives and/or significant alterations in the instructional or evaluation methods in the course. Major changes, at the discretion of the Chair, would require more formal proposal, review, discussion, and committee vote.

Please note: Any changes to a course or clerkship can be updated only once by a specific date each year in the school’s Curriculum Database.

Policy approved by the MEC on 4.10.2014