Classroom Recordings

Classroom recordings (e.g. through Echo360 or Zoom) or flipped classroom or other video content in Kaltura My Media or on Blackboard, may only be used for viewing captured lecture videos; the videos may not be downloaded. Taking pictures (including screenshots) or videos of the lectures in class or at home is similar to downloading and is not allowed.

Restricting distribution of classroom recordings is enforced to protect student privacy as well as materials that fall under intellectual property and copyright restrictions.  Our recording releases signed by instructors/presenters for captured curriculum note the content will remain protected in BU’s environment only. Students and/or the University may be liable for violations of federal copyright and privacy laws as a result of the use of downloaded videos.

Submitting Tickets for Echo 360 Issues

If you experience issues with access to Echo 360 recordings, please submit a ticket to IT in one of the three following ways:

  1. Fill out a form on the Ed Media website found under Instructional Services in upper left side of the toolbar and dropping down to “Report an Echo360 issue” – fill out form with pertinent information that sends to IT and creates a ticket (taking care of much of the follow up info they’d ask for you if you log a basic ticket without a description) – it requires you to post a link to a problem recording and report the time you experienced an issue that day etc.
  2. Go to BU Tech Web and fill out a short ticket under Teaching & Learning Technologies – Classroom & Technology Support – Echo360 – (they will likely need to email you back and request much of the information that is in the form on the link above) but a quicker way to get a ticket logged/started with your initial info if needed.
  3. Email an example (e.g. screen capture or phone video) to
    • Include subject line: “Echo360 student issue.”
    • Give as many details on the what, where, how you are using the service and let them know what type of student (school/program and year).
    • Always include link to video with issue.

Updated August 23, 2021