What We’ve Accomplished Together

The school strives to create an environment that promotes inclusive, safe, and optimal learning for students, faculty, and staff. We intend to analyze, improve, and celebrate development in the BUMC learning environment by (1) Defining the learning environment (2) Recognizing where we meet goals and where we fall short (3) Making recommendations for and actions towards improvement (4) Ensuring transparent communication to students.

Learning Environment Oversight Group 

The Learning Environment Oversight group (LEO) was initiated in June 2022 to serve as a bridge across all the groups that monitor and act on concerns with the Learning Environment, including representatives from the Medical Education Office (MEO), the Student Affairs Office (SAO), the Appropriate Treatment in Medicine Committee (ATM), Learning Environment Sessions in the clerkships, and students in each curricular year.

Goals of LEO 

  • To share information with the larger community regarding the current state of our learning environment and actions taken in response to feedback
  • Describe issues and concerns in the clinical learning environment and responses taken
  • Spotlight areas related to the learning environment, such as mistreatment or ethics 


Educational Initiatives

Various groups across the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine work to ensure and augment inclusivity in the learning environment. The Diversity and Inclusion Working Group provides resources for faculty to learn about inclusive teaching practices and update their materials. Suggestions for new sources are regularly evaluated. The MEC establishes and charges Vertical Integration Groups (VIGs) with examining specific topics within the curriculum to propose goals for curriculum change, including increasing inclusivity.