About Us

The Diversity and Inclusion working group of the Preclerkship Curriculum Subcommittee is a group of educators, staff, and students dedicated to examining and improving the inclusivity of the teaching environment at Boston University School of Medicine. This group recognized the need for educators to have a reliable source of information and solutions for improving the inclusivity of their own teaching and curricular materials. This website is intended to be a living and constantly updated resource designed to benefit educators, staff, and students.

Inaugural PCS D&I working group members:

Chair: Ann Zumwalt, PhD – preclerkship educator
Shoumita Dasgupta, PhD – preclerkship educator
Kaye-Alese Green – 2020-21 Diversity & Inclusion Fellow
Jessica Landau-Taylor – medical student
Robert Lowe, MD – preclerkship and clerkship educator
Maryann MacNeil – preclerkship educator
Cheryl McSweeney, MD – preclerkship educator
Jana Mulkern, EdD – IT/EdTech professional and health professions educator
Gwynneth Offner, PhD – preclerkship educator
Alan Perry – medical student
Bruna Pino – medical student
Aliza Stern, MMSc, PA-CPA program educator
Nakul Vyas – 2021-22 Diversity & Inclusion Fellow
Jonathan Wisco, PhD – preclerkship educator