GHHS Chapter Namesake: Robert F. Russell, MD

The GHHS chapter at Chobanian & Avedisian SOM was founded in honor of Robert F. Russell, MD, CAMED Class of 1946, who served in the US Navy (1946-1950) and entered general practice in 1950. Dr. Russell settled in Castine, Maine and served the region of Penobscott Bay for over 30 years as a general practitioner, surgeon, and chief medical officer, Maine Maritime Academy.

Dr. Russell was quoted as saying:

  • “I brought medicine to people’s homes and they became my friends as well as my patients.”
  • “Make the best of what you have. Be creative and try different approaches.”
  • “Rely on yourself, and rush to assist others.”
  • “Laugh when you can- particularly if there is nothing else you can do.”
  • “Friends are family.”
  • “Ask why not as often as possible.”
  • “Keep going, you’ll survive.”
  • “There’s something new and funny and warm in every day.”