Class of 2023 GHHS Members

Meet Class of 2023 GHHS Members!

[ Note: the information below was gathered in 2022 when these members were at the start of their fourth year of medical school. ]


Tooba Alwani

Introducing Tooba Alwani, a future internal medicine physician who is passionate about patient-centered care, addressing healthcare disparities, and patient advocacy. Tooba is also interested in medical education and hopes to better integrate knowledge of social barriers into our medical education curriculum.

Indeevar Beeram

Indeevar Beeram is an aspiring surgeon who strives to create a welcoming environment for patients and co-workers alike. He hopes to empower patients to make difficult decisions through conscientious counseling and evidence-based medicine.

Hassan Beesley

Introducing Internal Medicine-bound Hassan Beesley, a perceptive learner with a passion for patient-centered care. His work with refugees and members of the Boston community experiencing homelessness has instilled in him a drive to continue serving these patient populations.

Yoel Benarroch

Introducing Yoel Benarroch who enjoys bringing humor to the bedside while forming meaningful relationships with patients and colleagues. His multilingual abilities and cultural competency add to his ability to care for diverse patients.

Dhanesh Binda

Meet Dhanesh Binda, a future anesthesiologist hoping to combine his research interests in integrative medicine and mindfulness to improve patient outcomes with chronic pain. Dhanesh is also working towards a medical education degree with ambitions of designing culturally competent, decolonized medical curricula for students and trainees.

Swetha Duraiswamy

Introducing Swetha Duraiswamy, a future general surgeon who seeks to improve global access to surgical care through her leadership in international outreach and health equity research. She goes above and beyond to reassure and empower patients as they heal.

Nirupa Gadi

Meet Nirupa Gadi, a future hospitalist/ID doc seeking to leverage her international experience in advocacy and patient care to one day lead a career in humanistic global medicine. During medical school Nirupa has been involved several service learning groups focusing on social support for pediatrics, obstetrics, and refugee patients. Her goals as a provider are centered on creating a healthcare experience where patients and their families feel heard, understood, and involved in their diagnosis and treatment plans.

Jean-Luc Germany

Meet Jean-Luc Germany, a first-generation Lebanese American who is passionate about social justice, political engagement, and healthcare reform. When he is not in the hospital, he enjoys spending time with his Siamese cat, Lily, and playing volleyball with his friends.

Jyla Hicks

Meet Jyla Hicks, an aspiring internist extremely passionate about eliminating healthcare disparities, increasing patient advocacy, and serving the local community. While in medical school, Jyla has been able to share her passion with others through working with AMA diversity and community service committees.

Leah Hollander

Meet Leah Hollander, a future family medicine doctor and public health practitioner who is passionate about advocating for patients and communities. She looks forward to a career dedicated to providing comprehensive, patient-centered care while simultaneously working to improve access to healthcare and the social and environmental conditions that foster wellness.

Kenya Homsley

Introducing OBGYN-bound Kenya Homsley, who brings energy and pure passion to serving the needs of the community. She is focused on increasing access to reproductive health care and empowering those who have been historically excluded and underserved.

A.J. Kim

We welcome A.J. Kim, a future surgeon who is passionate about teaching, mentorship, and the history of medicine and surgery. He appreciates the power of storytelling and respects the patient’s courage to share their life and lend trust in a time of great vulnerability. He remains dedicated to understanding patients holistically and will continue to work on building enduring relationships through trust and clear communication.

Andy Kim

Andy Kim is a future Emergency Medicine doctor who hopes to be an advocate for underserved patients with a big emphasis on humanistic care. During medical school, Andy has worked for Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, as well as Outreach Van Project to continue his advocacy for those experiencing resource insecurity in the community.

Alekha Kolli

Meet Alekha Kolli, a soon-to-be graduate of the seven-year medical program and a future surgeon who has a passion for incorporating patient advocacy and health literacy when creating solutions to address health equity concerns.

Marin Mazeres

Introducing Marin Mazeres, a future Psychiatrist who would like to make every single one of his patients feel seen, heard, and supported. At BUSM, Marin has spent his time volunteering with local programs working with Boston’s underserved communities, lamenting his lack of imagination for 2-sentences prompts, and learning about policy and advocacy.

Ziyad McLean

My name is Ziyad McLean, a medical student interested in health equity and community outreach. In medical school, I have been involved in many mentoring programs and the Outreach Van Project!

Aneesha Pydi

Introducing Aneesha Pydi, a warm-hearted future pediatrician whose kindness, endless patience, and warm demeanor ensure an inviting space for people to be listened to and cared for. Throughout her time in medical school, she dedicated herself to advocating for reproductive justice and culturally competent medicine; Aneesha is committed to bringing these values into her future medical practice.

Elizabeth Rotrosen

Meet Elizabeth Rotrosen, an aspiring dermatologist who emphasizes compassion and care for the whole person in her approach to patient care. Throughout medical school, Elizabeth dedicated her time to serving the BUSM and surrounding communities.

Jeff Schemm

Meet Jeff Schemm, a future pediatrician who reflects on his experience as an AmeriCorps teacher and personal care aide to inform his patient and provider interactions. In medical school, Jeff has worked to provide children and families with healthy eating options and nutritional counseling. He also works to improve access to care for postpartum mothers.

Rishabh Singh

Rishabh Singh hopes to apply his background in design and engineering to create more positive patient healthcare experiences. Rishabh is closely involved with campus arts initiatives that engage patients and colleagues with self-expression. He  co-founded BU, a group that focuses on healthcare innovation.

Justin Siu

Meet Justin Siu, a family medicine bound provider passionate about developing strong continuity of care with patients and communities. During medical school, Justin’s research interests have included global health and social determinants of health.

Alejandro Sosa

Meet Alejandro Sosa, a future neurologist who seeks to improve patient outcomes by educating young future healthcare professionals and meeting patient’s practical needs through an understanding of the social determinants of health.

Dominic Tran

As a future neurologist, Dominic Tran looks forward to addressing low health literacy in underprivileged communities by breaking down difficult concepts and making it understandable for patients. Dominic has a particular interest in working with the underserved and is excited to collaborate with colleagues to address health disparities in neurology.

Judy Wang

Meet Judy Wang, IM-bound and passionate about how AI and technology can transform and improve diagnostics.

Rebecca Wolinsky

Meet Becca Wolinsky, a future family medicine physician committed to building affirming healthcare spaces for vulnerable patients. During medical school, Becca has been committed to reproductive justice by working with ROE Act Coalition, as well as addressing racism in medicine through organizing with students for curricular change.

Ke Zeng

Meet Ke Zeng, a future ophthalmologist, who seeks to identify and address health inequities related to eye and vision care. Also a passionate educator, Ke believes the same principles that make a great learning environment can be applied to improving patient experiences.