Addiction Education Collaboration (AEC)

Advisor: Dr. Karsten Lunze,

Student Leaderahip:


  • Well-prepared healthcare professionals informed in compassionate, up-to-date substance use disorder (SUD) treatment.


  • The Addiction Education Collaboration facilitates educated discussion among future health professionals around substance use disorders, harm reduction, and implications for the future of addiction medicine. We aim to connect students with health care providers treating substance use disorders, sponsor educational workshops, host didactic sessions, and facilitate advocacy opportunities. We hope that through our work, we can increase awareness on the Boston University Medical Campus of the societal and health implications of addiction.


  • Increase awareness of substance use disorders and current treatments through educational events
  • Connect students with meaningful clinical experience in order to prepare to respond to addiction across all specialties in their future careers
  • Sponsor workshops on harm reduction, current literature, and effective communication strategies for engagement with people affected by substance use disorders