Understanding the Well-Being of LGBTQI+ Populations Receives GLMA 2021 Achievement Award

The recent National Academies report Understanding the Well-Being of LGBTQI+ Populations has received the 2021 Achievement Award from GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality (previously known as the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association) at their 39th Annual Conference on LGBTQ Health. The report was recognized as “a groundbreaking effort to compile and synthesize a decade’s worth of research, policy change, and public opinion about the social and legal status and well-being of LGBTQIA+ people.”

Angelique Harris, PhD, BUSM associate professor of medicine and director of faculty development & diversity for the Department of Medicine and director of faculty development for the Medical Campus, was a contributor to the report as coauthor in her role as a member of the Committee on Understanding the Status and Wellbeing of Sexual and Gender Diverse Populations.

The report, released in 2020, explores the well-being of LGBTQI+ and other sexual and gender diverse populations across the domains of demography; law and legal systems; public policies and structural stigma; community and civic engagement; families and social relationships; educational environments; economics; physical and mental health; and health care access. The report provides recommendations on strengthening research and evidence-based interventions for this growing and understudied population.

The GLMA Achievement Award honors exemplary individuals and/or organizations for their significant contributions to improving the health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals or people living with HIV/AIDS; improving the climate for the LGBTQ health workforce; or contributing to gains made by the LGBTQ civil rights movement.