3/14 COVID-19 Research Update

Boston University is monitoring the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic closely. Given the fluid situation, guidelines will change as facts change. Currently, there is no plan to cease research activities, with the exception of human subject in-person activities. However all precautionary measure should be followed.

To ensure continuity of activities, please complete a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) form and have copies available for your lab staff and your department’s office.

Please continue to decontaminate your lab space as usual. The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is finalizing guidelines for labs and facilities to follow when disinfecting spaces, if there is a positive case in the lab.

In addition to the University’s requirements for academic-related activities, below are additional considerations for research activities:

  1. Update contact numbers for lab members, and have it part of the COOP.
  2. Update the contact information on freezers and instruments that have alarm points.
  3. Determine who needs to be present in the lab. If there are tasks that can be done remotely, then these lab members do not need to be on the campus.
  4. If possible rotate or alternate lab member schedules in the lab.
  5. Plan for sudden changes in the work force.
  6. Consider not starting new projects, or training new lab members.
  7. Conduct web-based lab meetings.
  8. Be prepared for any possible disruptions in deliveries, and services including access to core facilities.

If there are any other lab-based issues that arise please contact Andrew W. Taylor, PhD, Associate Dean of Research. The goal is to do our research as best as we can under the circumstances.

Office (617) 358-2311 | adrbumc@bu.edu