• Cultivate a civil and respectful learning environment at Boston University School of Medicine;
  • Review reports by medical students and others regarding abuse or perceptions of abuse
  • Address incidents or patterns of inappropriate treatment of medical students


  • ATM handles disrespectful or inappropriate behaviors
  • If the ATM is made aware of discriminatory behavior or harassment that may violate civil rights laws, the matter will also be referred to Boston University’s Equal Opportunity Director pursuant to the University’s Complaint Procedures in cases of alleged unlawful discrimination or harassment

Assure & Educate

  • Assure non-threatening, appropriate environment for medical education
  • Inform students about the committee and the website for reporting incidents of concern
  • Students can report issues of concern via BUSM website
    1 – Anonymous report
    2 – Reporter identifies himself or herself
  • Annual event focusing on treatment of students

Poor Behavior vs. Illegal Behavior

Poor Behavior

  • A single off-comment or joke
  • Teachers or residents who tease or make jokes with each other but are over heard by students
  • Demeaning behavior towards a certain student based on personal dislikes

Illegal Behavior

  • Repetitive or continuous inappropriate sexual comments
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Creating an uncomfortable environment based on an individual’s sex, sexual orientation, race, national origin
  • Grading male or female students differently