The Patch Adams Club

Advisor: Dr. Karen Symes,

Student Leadership:

Group Email:

Mission: Our goal as the Patch Adams club is to improve the wellbeing for pediatric inpatients through creative engagement on an ever-broadening scale, while also enhancing the academic experience of our members and peers through research and education.

We are integrating as part of the Child Life Team at BMC to visit the Pediatric wards once a week, and to provide entertainment and joy to the patients and their families. We are a dedicated group of medical students who are committed to supporting the Child Life Team through the use of magic tricks, juggling, balloon animals, etc.

Goals of the child life team:

  • To help children express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment.
  • To interact with children in a developmentally and culturally sensitive matter.
  • To help children manage pain effectively.
  • To provide support for children and families in order to maintain family closeness.
  • To offer child choices that increase feelings of independence, self-esteem, and trust.

1. A network of other student organizations targeted at pediatric needs with connects to present healthcare providers and other employees at Boston Medical Center and BU Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine.

2. Desire to conduct research that could be used to create a profile of pediatric lifestyle in the hospital, and create future directions for long-term improvements in systematic pediatric healthcare.

Primary Goals:

1. To establish a presence in the pediatrics ward at regular intervals that is both enjoyable for the patients and conducive to the working environments of the hospital staff.

2. To identify areas that can be improved by our involvement, whether it be on a patient-to-patient basis or on a broader scale (i.e. QI project).

3. To build a relationship with the healthcare providers that work at BMC, fostering the interest that we have in a role for the creative arts in a clinical setting.