Leadership and Innovation in Medicine and Business (LIMB)

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Ober, sober@bu.edu

Student Leadership:

The goal of LIMB is to engage students interested in medicine and healthcare from a business perspective. The group focuses on innovation in the field of healthcare and ways in which medical care providers can be catalysts for change in the field of medicine and technology. The main event sponsored by LIMB is an elective offered in the winter. The elective is open to all medical students, PA students, and MAMS students.

The Leadership in Business and Medicine is committed to the following objectives:

1.  To increase awareness of the important role that business plays in medicine, especially in today’s rapidly changing economical landscape of healthcare.

2. To expose students to ways physicians can make significant impacts in healthcare through involvement in entrepreneurship, management, health policy, consulting, finance, and pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

3. To provide information on the benefits and challenges of pursuing an MD/MBA.

4. To provide support, assistance and resources for students interested in integrating business into their medicine career.