Medical Student Volunteer Attestation Form

Any student who engages in any COVID-19 related volunteer activity is being asked to review and sign this attestation. This form is managed entirely by BUSM students.

With the advent of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, and in the face of the current health care workforce needs, many BUSM students have expressed an interest in volunteering in a clinical capacity to provide additional workforce support. BUSM students have been at the forefront of organizing student volunteer activities, responding to the needs of the Boston Medical Center community, and have collected information about student interest and available volunteer opportunities.

BUSM students recognize the professional and personal satisfaction derived from supporting patients, providers, the healthcare system, and the community at large during this unprecedented crisis. However, each student’s personal and family situation is unique (which may or may not be known to others) and each student must make an individual decision about whether to volunteer and in what capacity. All BUSM students should treat their peers and colleagues with care and respect and scrupulously respect other students’ confidentiality and decision-making.

BUSM appreciates these student-led efforts, as well as the volunteer activity of individual students, and offers the following specific volunteerism guidance.

A medical student’s participation in a clinical setting should be entirely voluntary and is not required by or connected to their standing as a BUSM student. Volunteer activities are for public service or humanitarian reasons only and will not be compensated by the University or otherwise. In addition, volunteer activities are not eligible for course credit and will not have any effect on a student’s participation in BUSM’s academic program. The decision to volunteer or not will have no impact on a student’s academic record, Medical Student Performance Evaluation, or letters of recommendation.

Volunteer activities may include providing virtual clinical care, direct clinical care, or both. Medical students have the right to ask questions regarding their involvement and expect that their questions will be answered to their full satisfaction, prior to and during their volunteer activities.

Before accepting any volunteer activity in a clinical setting, a student must complete all appropriate training, including in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). A student volunteer will not interact with patients in a setting that requires PPE unless the student has access to and has received training on the proper use of PPE. Students must be appropriately supervised at all times by faculty and other health professionals acting within their scope of practice. Medical student students must watch two CDC videos on how to don and doff PPE appropriately prior to initiating any direct patients. Please view both videos on Donning and Doffing:

Medical students should recognize the potential risks involved in volunteering during this unprecedented pandemic, including the chance that the student volunteer could develop a disability or contract a disease that may adversely impact the student’s future learning activities and even their progression to graduation. Students should also be aware that they have the right to end volunteer activities at any time. BUSM is not responsible for any medical costs incurred by a student volunteer that are not covered by a student’s health insurance.

Medical Student Volunteer Attestation Form