Richard Saitz

Saitz, Richard- 87
Class year: 1987
Specialties: Addiction Medicine, General Internal Medicine/Primary Care
Current practice: Boston Medical Center

Fond memory of BUSM: The classmates I worked with at VA medicine
Favorite professor or course at BUSM: William McNary certainly made an impression; Joel Caslowitz and Graeme Finke from the clinical years at the VA in medicine
Most recent accomplishment: appointment as Associate Editor, JAMA
Hobbies outside of work: Tweeting, travelling, two kids in high school…
Academic appointments: Chair and Professor of Community Health Sciences, BU School of Public Health; Professor of Medicine, BU School of Medicine
Recent publication: 
Kim TW, Bernstein J, Cheng DM, Lloyd-Travaglini C, Samet JH, Palfai TP, Saitz R. Receipt of Addiction Treatment as a Consequence of a Brief Intervention for Drug Use in Primary Care: A Randomized Trial. Addiction. 2016 Nov 25. PMID: 27886657