Funding Announcements

Social Innovation on Drug Resistance (SIDR) Postdoctoral Program

The Boston University Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy and the Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator, or CARB-X, are proud to announce the Social Innovation on Drug Resistance (SIDR) Postdoctoral Program, which seeks to reward interdisciplinary research by funding two separate BU research projects each with the competitive salary and benefits of a postdoctoral associate for two academic years.

To launch the program, IHSIP and CARB-X are issuing a request for applications (RFA) from interdisciplinary faculty teams rooted in the social sciences to explore the social and behavioral components to the rise of drug resistance, which threatens to usher in a post-antibiotic era.

Applications Open: November 17, 2017
Application Deadline: December 22, 2017

NIH Launches Pilot Program to match unfunded applicants with Private Funders

The new Online Partnership to Accelerate Research (OnPAR) is a collaboration between NIH and the contractor Leidos that will allow researchers upload unfunded NIH proposals to an online portal where potential funders can review the scores received from reviewers, and decide whether to provide money for the study.

The goal of OnPAR is to match quality biomedical research projects with priority areas of interest of private foundations, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies and/or other private biomedical research funders. OnPAR will eventually provide access to a global pipeline of research projects that can either supplement internal projects or provide innovative new ideas for future medical products.

If an applicant scored in the top 30% and is not funded by NIH, he/she is welcome to submit an abstract for consideration. Qualified applicants are invited to register with OnPAR and participate in the submission and review process. It is not necessary to re-write an application. OnPAR will accept the NIH abstract that was submitted by the applicant, and if invited, his/her submitted NIH application and Summary Statement.

For more information on the registration process click here.