Single Cell Sequencing Core

Boston University’s Single Cell Sequencing Core provides in-house services for single cell RNA sequencing to all researchers at Boston University and to external researchers on an available-resource basis. As a high-throughput core, we provide an array of services to get you from sample to high-quality single cell gene expression data and analysis. We offer multiple single cell library preparation options and next-generation sequencing.

Our single cell services include library preparation using microfluidic devices using the Chromium Single Cell 3′ System from 10x Genomics and Bio-Rad® Single-Cell ddSEQ Single-Cell Isolator, or manual plate-based library preparations using CEL-Seq2. We interface with the BUMC Microarray and Sequencing Core to perform Illumina sequencing of single cell libraries. We also perform tissue dissociation and Bioinformatics analysis as a fee-for-service. Visit our services section for more information.

Single Cell Library/ Application

Input Cell Concentration

Captured Cells

Library Preparation

Chromium 10x Genomics 100-2,000 cells/uL 500- >10,000 cells $1,650 per sample
(4 samples min)
ddSEQ Single Cell Isolator 2,500 cells/uL 300-500 cells $475 per sample
(4 samples min)
CEL-seq ——— < 96 cells $550 per plate



Internal Pricing

External Pricing

Midi Output – 130M Single Reads or 260M Paired End Reads
150 Cycles $1,450 $1,550
300 Cycles $2,050 $2,150
High Output – 400M Single Reads or 800M Paired End Reads
75 Cycles $1,800 $1,900
150 Cycles $3,050 $3,150
300 Cycles $4,550 $4,675

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Yuriy Alekseyev
Core Director 
Boston University School of Medicine
75 East Newton St., Evans Building, 6th Floor
Boston MA 02118
(617) 358-7245 |

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