As a high-throughput core, we provide an array of services to get you from sample to high-quality single cell gene expression data and/or analysis. We offer multiple single cell library preparation options and next-generation Illumina sequencing. Uncover critical insight with our services.

The Chromium™ System

10x Genomics’ Chromium System is a unique system that partitions cells and prepares sequencing libraries in parallel such that all fragments produced within a partition share a common barcode.
Specifically, The Chromium Single Cell 3’ Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution via high-throughput single cell characterization and gene expression profiling. This enables novel discovery of gene expression dynamics and molecular profiling of individual cell types in an affordable and simple workflow.


ddSEQ-Single-Cell-IsolatorThe ddSEQ™ Single-Cell Isolator is part of the Illumina® Bio-Rad® Single-Cell Sequencing Solution process hundreds to tens of thousands of cells end-to-end, making it scalable to accommodate a wide range of experimental designs, enabling unbiased profiling of diverse cell populations with a sensitive and unbiased characterization of transcriptional signatures.

This technology utilizes disposable microfluidic cartridges to coencapsulate single cells into subnanoliter droplets where cell lysis and barcoding occur. RNA-Seq libraries are subsequently prepared and sequenced.


Fluidigm®‘s automated solution for single cell genomics, the C1™, lets you prepare single cell templates for mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing, epigenetics or miRNA expression, allowing you to identify differences between individual cells in a seemingly homogeneous population.

Fluidigm® has developed an entirely new approach to single cell genomics based on microfluidic technology. Their technology enables highly parallel RNA and DNA analysis from samples containing only a few hundred cells by integrating and simplifying multiple steps in the single cell workflow. The C1™ system carefully isolates single cells into individual reaction chambers in the exclusive Fluidigm® integrated fluidic circuit (IFC), getting you from sample to templates ready for qPCR or sequencing analysis, all in as little as four hours.

Fluidigm®’s C1™ system prepares single cell mRNA sequencing libraries for up to either 96 or 800 cells. The system captures individual cells on a chip in microfluidic wells, where subsequent cDNA generation and library preparation occurs. The 96-cell platform has no 3′ bias such that full transcript sequencing may occur, a unique and useful attribute of the platform. The 800 cell platform, although having a 3′ bias, captures many more cells. Services by the Single Cell Core include help with experimental design, cell capture, reverse transcription, preamplificaiton and subsequent Nextera library preparation and pooling.

If you are interested in using Fluidigm®, please contact us for more information.


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CEL-Seq2 is a manual “plate-based” method for profiling the transcriptome of individual cells. Highly-multiplexed sequencing libraries can be prepared for cells that have been deposited into 96- or 384- well plates via flow cytometry.


Other methods can be developed or implemented upon request; such as tissue dissociation. For further details and pricing, please contact us.

NGS Sequencing

We use Illumina next-generation sequencing (NextSeq 500) to provide you with the best sequencing for your library.

Data Analysis

We offer detailed analysis of your single cell data. For further details and pricing, please contact us.