Stephen P. Christiansen, MD

Professor, Ophthalmology

Stephen Christiansen
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Since 2009, Dr. Christiansen has served as the Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology and Professor of Ophthalmology and Pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine. Dr Christiansen is also Chief of Ophthalmology at Boston Medical Center. He conducts extensive research in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus and has been awarded funding by the NIH for clinical studies of strabismus (misaligned eyes), infantile cataract, and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). His primary research interests are in the management of childhood and adult strabismus, pediatric cataract, ROP, and retinoblastoma.

Dr. Christiansen has served in numerous local, national, and international leadership roles. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Boston University Medical Group (BUMG), the physician organization for Boston Medical Center (BMC), and is the Chair of the BUMG Finance Committee. He led search committees for the BMC and BUSM Chairs of Pediatrics and Surgery. Dr. Christiansen is an Examiner for the American Board of Ophthalmology. He has served on the Board of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS), and is currently the President of the American Orthoptic Journal, AOJ, Inc. Dr. Christiansen has also chaired the Program Planning Committee of AAPOS, organizing numerous national meetings. During his tenure, the scope of the position was expanded to include international partnerships and he led the planning committees for successful meetings in Singapore, Kyoto, Jaipur, and Barcelona.

Dr. Christiansen’s work has been recognized by ophthalmic organizations in the US. He recently received the Senior Honor Award for AAPOS, the Senior Achievement Award for the AAO, and, in 2008, the Secretariat Award for the AAO.

Dr. Christiansen has given 24 invited professor lectureships world-wide, five of which were named lectures. In addition, he has published extensively with 118 papers in peer-reviewed journals, numerous book chapters, invited editorials and other work. His bibliography can be seen at

Other Positions

  • Chair, Ophthalmology, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Professor, General Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Boston University School of Medicine
  • VA Boston Healthcare System


  • Medical College of Wisconsin, MD
  • Wheaton College, BS


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  • Published on 11/2/2016

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  • Published on 11/1/2016

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  • Published on 2/1/2016

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  • Published on 1/23/2013

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