Educate Tomorrow’s Healers

Exceptional qualifications and experience

The Boston University School of Medicine currently educates almost 700 medical degree students and more than 900 master’s and doctoral degree candidates.

Our curriculum offerings reflect the needs of a diverse student population. BUSM offers more pathways to the MD degree—a total of eight—than any other medical school in the U.S.

Our educational program gives physicians the clinical skills and knowledge needed to provide modern healthcare. The basic science curriculum is taught in an innovative format, integrating traditional lecture style classes with small-group problem seminars and laboratory exercises. There is emphasis on self-directed learning and on teamwork. Patient contact is introduced in the first week of the first-year curriculum, and the formal clinical training of the third and fourth-year students offers broad-based preparation for post-graduate training in the full range of disciplines that comprise modern medicine.

We are nationally recognized for providing outstanding clinical education through our 25 affiliated hospitals, 15 neighborhood health centers, and numerous private clinics and doctors’ offices in the Greater Boston area.  Our “in the field” teaching extends much further, as well: global health is a major curriculum focus, and many of our students pursue clinical electives and research projects internationally.  In fact, most of the fourth year of the curriculum is elective clinical time, and through our international elective program, we assist students in finding electives all over the world.  The program is considered a national model, and has been replicated at other schools.

Our teaching programs are both rigorous and highly practical. Our Division of Graduate Medical Sciences, for example, offers doctoral and masters degrees in many health sciences disciplines, including bioimaging, clinical investigation, medical sciences, and mental health and behavioral medicine, biomedical forensics and genetic counseling.

Philanthropy can have a transformative effect on the educational environment at BUSM, and on the lives of its students. Current-use and endowed scholarships help BUSM attract and enroll the most promising applicants, regardless of their economic status. Our first student residence hall, now under construction, will provide students with an affordable housing option in our increasingly expensive neighborhood, reducing some students’ commute to class from two hours to two minutes.

Opportunities to support education and students at BUSM

  • Create and name an endowed full-tuition scholarship: $1 million
  • Endow a named Scholarship: $100,000 minimum
  • Adopt-a-Student Scholarship: $5,000 per year
  • Contribute to the construction of BUSM’s new student residence