Why Give?

There are four compelling reasons to support the people and the work of Boston University School of Medicine.

With us, you can:

Educate tomorrow’s healers

Why-Give-1Your investment in BUSM will help educate the next generation of physicians. Our researchers and clinicians are also outstanding teachers, dedicated to helping produce the healers of tomorrow. No aspect of our work is more important.

BUSM’s teaching programs are both rigorous and highly practical. We are nationally recognized for providing outstanding clinical education—through 25 affiliated hospitals, 15 neighborhood health centers, and numerous private clinics and doctors’ offices in Greater Boston—and our students are in contact with patients from the first week of their first year.

Expand medical knowledge

Why-Give-2Your support will help expand medical knowledge. Our research teams—in Boston and around the world—are deepening the field’s understanding of how the human body and its pathogens work. They are also discovering new ways to diagnose and treat the most devastating human diseases, from cancer to diabetes to Alzheimer’s to stroke.

Yes, medical research is expensive—and worth every penny that is invested in it. Each new discovery made by BUSM researchers opens a door to new frontiers in diagnosis and treatment. We need to walk through those doors.

Invest in accomplishment

Why-Give-3Your gifts to BUSM are investments in accomplishment. This School has a proud history of inclusiveness, productivity, service, and achievement. Our dollars are efficiently invested where they will be well spent: bringing together the best students and the best teachers, and drawing the best ideas from all relevant disciplines. That is how BUSM operates.

The School of Medicine depends on the support of individuals, businesses, foundations, and other organizations. Today, as medicine embraces new technologies and confronts new challenges, we need that support more than ever.

Promote health equality

Why-Give-4Your support will help ensure that the benefits of medical progress are accessible to all. In the U.S., disparities in health care quality and disease outcomes exist across socioeconomic, racial, and geographic lines. Beginning close to home—through our partnership with Boston Medical Center, New England’s largest safety-net hospital, and our many community outreach and policy initiatives—we seek to close those gaps.

We also work with public-health officials, NGOs, and other partners around the world to make high-quality medical care available to ever-broader populations.