Gerald Harpel, MD

Class Year


Current practice
in Cynthiana, KY

Fond memory of BUSM
1. 1st delivery (twins). 2) Match Day terror.

Favorite professor or course at BUSM
Dr. Bill McNary (Anatomy and student advocate)

Most recent accomplishment
OB/GYN Chairman & Chief of Staff @ my hospital

Hobbies outside of work
Sports, Crossword puzzles, my grandson (age 8)

Academic appointments
Prof Emeritus @ USC; Clinical Asst Prof @ UK & UL

Recent publications
n/a, but act as Expert in OB/GYN court cases

Any other thoughts to share
Career-defining moment: after white coat ceremony, being asked in a supermarket “How’s the meat today, Sonny?”..Great ego-deflator–! Have never worn a white coat since!