Work Hours

Work Hours Policy

First & Second Year

Foundational Course In-class time:

  • Year 1: 8AM-noon 5 days/week maximum (except for rare afternoon anatomy laboratories)
  • Year 2: 8AM-Noon 5 days/week (except for occasional afternoon small groups)

Doctoring: 2 afternoons per week (ICM and IP)

Preparatory Work: Course directors will plan pre-class preparatory work that must be done prior to class to enable students to participate in and benefit from in class experiences. The goal for this is for course directors to create pre-work that would take most student no more than 15 hours total per week to complete. This is work that the individual student completes on their own schedule.

Course directors will coordinate to ensure that no more than 15 hrs/week is assigned.

  • The pre-class self-directed study does not include:
    • Extra study or review that students will need
    • Exam Preparation

Third & Fourth Year

On-site hours must be limited to 80 hours per week, averaged over a two-week period, inclusive of all in-house call activities. Students must be provided with one day in seven free from all educational and clinical responsibilities, averaged over a two-week period. One day is defined as one continuous 24-hour period free from all clinical, educational, and administrative activities.

In-house call must occur no more frequently than every third night, as averaged over a two-week period. Continuous on-site duty, including in house call, must not exceed 24 consecutive hours. Students may remain on duty for up to 6 additional hours to participate in didactic activities and transfer care of patients, and maintain continuity of care.

Any violation of the work hours policy should be reported by students. Such violations might be created during course, clerkship, or elective rotations, by attending physicians, residents, or other course or hospital staff members. Students can report concerns about work hours directly to the course or clerkship director or to an Associate Dean (Medical Education or Student Affairs). If the violation is not rectified, students must report the concern to an Associate Dean who will address the issue with the course or clerkship director, who will then investigate and report back in writing to the Associate Dean as to how the situation has been rectified.

In addition, course and clerkship specific evaluation forms requested by the Curriculum & Assessment Office will have a question regarding adherence to work hours policy. Students who report work hours violations via this method remain anonymous, but the evaluation results are reviewed by the Assistant Dean of Medical Education for Curriculum & Assessment and course directors. This allows course leaders to rectify any violations in their course or clerkship.

Approved by the Medical Education Committee (MEC) on June 10, 2010
Revised by the Medical Education Committee (MEC) on April 12, 2016