Victoria A. Cargill, M.D., M.S.C.E. 


Class year: 1977
Specialties: Internal Medicine, Epidemiology, HIV Infection

Current practice: I am a federal employee and scientist but I see patients at Family Medical Counseling Services Inc in Washington, DC.

Fond memory of BUSM: Being greeted by Eddie every morning in his white lab coat and his wonderful Irish accent to wish me a good morning and see how I was.  He was tireless in greeting all of us students and it really made a difference which I appreciated then but appreciate it more now.

Favorite professor or course at BUSM:  Without a doubt this is a tie between Dr. McNary and Dr. Stanley Robbins. Dr. McNary for his ongoing encouragement even when things were hard (anatomy oh my stars!!) and Dr. Robbins who taught me invaluable lessons I still use today as a physician.  That if you take the time to truly understand the pathophysiology and pathology of the disease, you have a keen advantage in staying abreast of treatment advances and forme fruste presentations of that disease.  He was so very right.  He also diagnosed a pre-melanoma lesion on my arm and made me read my own slide with him to emphasize the importance of paying attention to body warning signals.  Lesson learned.

Most recent accomplishment: I am fortunate to have been named one of America’s Top Physicians repeatedly.

Hobbies outside of work:  Half marathon training and I am a volunteer shepherd for a flock of heritage sheep in Newark, Delaware.

Academic appointments:  Associate Director Interdisciplinary Research, Office of Research on Women’s Health, NIH

Recent publication:

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