Student Spotlight

Ogechukwu Nwanegwo, (MED’21)

Specialty Interests:

What is special to you about BUSM?
BUSM stands out to me for many reasons. One of the main things that stand out is their tireless efforts in improving medical education especially using different tools to make sure students are heard. Their efforts in making sure that we get the best education with emphasis that mistreatment in any clinical environment is unacceptable. I really appreciate all the work and time commitment that goes into making each of us a better student and eventually a better doctor.

How do you spend downtime or what do you do for wellness?
During my downtime, I engage in different activities depending on the day and time. I like listening to music or watching movies. As a Christian, sometimes I pray, read the bible, or listen to a sermon. At other times I cook, or crochet, or sew. I’m also learning how to speak other languages like Igbo (Nigeria) and Spanish.

Most memorable patient interaction?
My memorable patient interaction was one I had in my 3rd year with a patient who had been transferred to BMC with an atypical presentation for metastatic cancer. She was a cheerful person and I enjoyed our conversations. She reminded me to be strong especially when circumstances are tough. When we rounded on her in the mornings, she always looked straight at me and asked if I had any questions or comments about the team’s plans. Two days after I was done with the clerkship, I was told that she passed away in the hospital surrounded by family and friends.

What has been an unexpected experience or revelation?
An unexpected revelation I have received is: Don’t worry, you will become a great doctor one day. Really. Because many times as students, we stress about so many little things (exams, grades, etc) that we forget about the big picture- which is why we are in medical school in the first place. Therefore, I have to remind myself (and others) that we will all be great doctors someday.

What’s it like to live in the MSR?
The MSR provided a great opportunity for many of us to live close to campus especially those of us who were not familiar with housing in Boston. I like that the cost is affordable, as some of it is covered by scholarship. I enjoyed hanging out with my roommate and socializing with many of my classmates that lived there.

What unexpected challenges have you faced as a medical student and how’d you overcome them?
A challenge I have faced as a medical student is being away from my family. I see them2 or 3x a year for a few days. Over time, I have learned to adapt and I speak to them more often over the phone or via video chat.