Kenneth Simons, MD


Current Employer
Medical College of Wisconsin
Job Titles
Executive Director & DIO, MCWAH, Inc.
Sr. Assoc. Dean for GME & Accreditation, MCW
Academic Appointments
Professor of Ophthalmology and Pathology with tenure, MCW
List community activities, awards, achievements, memberships, etc.)
Chair, WI MEB
Chair ACGME-I Review Committee for Hospital based & Surgical disciplines
Professional Member, LCME
Board of Directors, FSMB
Secretary/Treasurer NRM; Member NRMP Board of Directors
The best thing about being a doctor in my specialty is…
being able to assist patients with maximizing their sight whether through simply prescribing glasses or by performing intra-ocular surgery.
The best thing I have learned from a patient …
is to always remember that life is short and to never take away hope.
One of the more memorable experiences at BUSM was…
seeing one of my Pathology professors smoking, telling him that stuff was bad for him as I am sure you’ve read the Surgeon General’s report and his taking a big drag, exhaling and stating, “Ken, nobody goes out of this world alive. Pick your poison. Everything in moderation.”
What advice would you pass on to today’s BUSM students?
Always remember to be compassionate and treat your patients with the respect and dignity you desire for yourself and your loved ones no matter what is going on in your life.