David Hochberger, MD

Class Year: 1976Hochberger, David
Specialties: Ob-Gyn
Current practice: Retired September 2017

Fond memory of BUSM: Mac, Dean of Student Affairs always being there

Favorite course or professor at BUSM: Stanley Robbins was head of Pathology—Huge Textbook: The Pathologic Basis of Disease—I bought the big text, some students bought the shorter book. At the time I believe that his text was the best text on Pathology. He told us in no uncertain terms that it was [the best], hence his saying, “Read my god-dam book!!”

Most recent accomplishment: Enjoying grandchildren and traveling

Hobbies outside of work: Photography and Gardening

Any other thoughts to share: The 6-year program was the best thing that could have happened to me- we were a close knit group. My father died after my 1st semester of Med School. The school was supportive.