David Fleishman, MD

Class of 1969
Specialty: OphthalmologyFleishman, David- 69, Telly Award for Documentary
Current practice: Retired

Fond memory of BUSM: The total devotion and dedication of the school’s faculty to all the students throughout those four years     

Favorite professor at BUSM: Dr. McNary and the other wonderful instructors who handled our first year Gross Anatomy course

Most recent accomplishment: Completion of the award-winning “Sight: The Story of Vision” film documentary project.  By Jan 31, 2017, SIGHT will have had 1214 air dates on 318 stations in over 75 markets. This represents a potential of over 230 million viewers in 90 million homes.

Hobbies outside of work: Gardening, collecting antique spectacles, fly fishing, lecturing on the history of eyeglasses

Recent publication: Over sixty articles have already been written about www.antiquespectacles.com and also my antique optical collection.

For more information on David Fleishman’s endeavors, visit:
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Second Screen (http://storyofsight.com/second-screen/)
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