Brandi N. Ring, MD

Class of 2011
Ring, Brandi

Specialty: Specialist in General OB/GYN
Current practice: Mile High OB/GYN – Denver, CO

Fond memory of BUSM: I have so many good memories, lots of study breaks with good friends, group ski trips, rotations where your fellow classmates were the only reason you survived.  The amazing feeling of Match Day and Graduation knowing you had accomplished your dreams.  The sad goodbyes to friends that turned into family along the way.  The great times when you all get together again and it’s like no time has passed at all.

Favorite professor or course at BUSM: Dr. Vaughan’s Histology Class – It was it a tough class but by the end of the block when you had spent so much time with your slides (and your friends’ slides) that you knew what specimen it was before you were above 10X magnification, it was so rewarding.  It also gave me a framework for how to think through things that looked similar initially but were very different when you looked closely.  

Most recent accomplishment:  Elected to the Chair Elect of the Young Physician Section of the American Medical Association in June 2016
Hobbies outside of work: I am enjoying being home in Denver, getting outside more and doing renovations on my house.  I also still attend every conference I can and take every chance to be an advocate for my patients both in Washington, DC and at home.

Academic appointments: Clinical Faculty – Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Denver, CO

Recent publication: 30 y/o with ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy – June 2015 Medical Challenge, June 2015. Case Presentation