Alumni Spotlight

Katherine Sargent, MD

Class of: 1977


Current practice
Voluntary Faculty USC Department of OB GYN

What is a fond memory of your time at BUSM? 
Freshman at BUSM you can be very proud of the heritage of BU. Boston is a melting pot as you will come to know. Without a lot of fanfare, BUSM had Dr. Ernest Lowe as Chief of OB GYN when I was a student (1973-1977) and he was succeeded by Dr. Kenneth Edelin. Both men were African Americans and an inspiration to me in my choice of specialties. We cared with dignity and excellence for underserved populations. The forerunner of BUSM was New England Female Medical College which graduated the first African American Female Physician in 1864!

In case you are not aware, Dr. Martin Luther King received his doctorate in Theology for Boston University in 1955.
Boston University has been way ahead of its time in leading the way to diversity. Everyone else is just trying to catch up.

Favorite professor or course at BUSM?  
Dr. Stanley Robbins, who wrote “THE book on pathology” was our pathology professor. He was a wonderful teacher who made pathology relevant to the practice of medicine and I still refer to his book which is on my shelf. My daughter was surprised when she started pathology and I texted her a picture of Dr. Robbins and told her he was our professor.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
long-distance biking, scuba diving, gardening, cooking all started before medical school except the biking

What are your academic appointments?
Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Keck School of Medicine/Keck Medicine of USC

Any other thoughts to share?
In addition to the amazing faculty, we had at BUSM when I was a medical student, the President of Boston University was Dr. John Silber who elevated the educational experience for all students in the University by his leadership and the faculty he recruited. To this day, I still refer to some of the writings of Dr. Silber.