Fetterman lab



BU Mitochondrial Genetics & Physiology Research Program

Our lab utilizes trans-disciplinary approaches to understand the role and mechanisms of mitochondrial genetics in cardiovascular pathophysiology. To do so, we evaluate mitochondrial genetics and biology: 1) at the population level through genetic epidemiology and systems biology approaches; 2) at the cardiovascular tissue level through rapid autopsy samples and explanted hearts; and 3) through the creation of cardiovascular cells from induced-pluripotent stem cells. Our research program is an ideal vehicle for training the next generation of scientists and serves as a collaborative force in mitochondrial biology to advance the research programs of many investigators across the institution. Our trans-disciplinary research program is aimed at studying the intersections of mitochondrial genetic variation, mitochondrial biology, and cardiovascular disease. The tools we are developing can be applied to many other cell types and phenotypes of interest as mitochondria play central roles in cellular function and are implicated in many diseases.

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