Fall 2021

Upcoming Seminar Speakers

The WCVI website will be regularly updated as we schedule our Fall 2021 Seminar Series. All seminars will be held via Zoom at this time.

October 5, 2021

Mete Civelek, UVA Biomedical Engineering Researcher

*Title to be announced*

Mete Civelek, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Resident Faculty, Center for Public Health Genomics
University of Virginia

October 19, 2021

Photo of Dr. Pat D'Amore

*Title to be announced*

Patricia D’Amore, PhD, MBA
Charles L. Schepens Professor of Ophthalmology
Professor of Pathology
Vice-chair of Basic and Translational Research, Dept of Ophthalmology
Harvard Medical School
Associate Chief of Basic and Translational Research, Ophthalmology
Mass Eye and Ear

November 9, 2021

Keith McCrae, MD*Title to be announced*
Keith McCrae, MD
Professor, Molecular Medicine
Director, Benign Hematology
The Cleveland Clinic

December 7, 2021
T-32 Postdoctoral Training Grant Work-In-Progress Seminar

*Title to be announced*

Jordan Chambers, PhD
Mentor: Wilson Colucci, MD

*Title to be announced*

Jena Goodman, PhD
Mentor: Francesca Seta, PhD

December 14, 2021
T-32 Postdoctoral Training Grant WIP Seminar

*Title to be announced*

Leili Behrooz, MD
Mentor: Naomi Hamburg, MD

*Title to be announced*

Jesse Moreira, PhD
Mentor: Darrell Kotton, MD and Jessica Fetterman, PhD

Spring 2022

January 25, 2022
T-32 Postdoctoral Training Grant Work-In-Progress Seminar

*Title to be announced*

Madelyn Ray, PhD
Mentor: Ryan Logan, PhD

March 8, 2022

*Title to be announced*

Christine S. Moravec, PhD 

Director, Research Education and Training Center, LRI
Assistant Dean for Basic Science Education, CCLCM
Director of Graduate Education, CCLCM
Cleveland Clinic

March 29, 2022

*Title to be announced*

Marta Guash-Ferre, PhD

Research Scientist, Dept of Nutrition, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
Instructor in Medicine, Channing Division of Network Medicine, Harvard Medical School

March 22, 2022

*Title to be announced*

Andrew Emili, PhD  

Professor of Biology and Biochemistry

Director, Center for Network Systems Biology

Boston University 

April 12, 2022

*Title to be announced*

Elena Aikawa, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Director, Heart Valve Translational Research Program
Associate Head, Section of Cardiovascular Life Sciences
Cardiovascular Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Co-director, Center for Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences