Congratulations to Vijaya Kolachalama, PhD, for promotion to Associate Professor

Vijaya Kolachalama, PhD, BUSM, Medicine/Computational Biomedicine, is a founding member of BU’s Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences and affiliated with the department of computer science. Research interests of his group currently lie at the interface of machine vision, representation learning and domain generalization. His laboratory has spent a significant amount of time to develop automated frameworks to tackle big datasets from multiple cohorts containing tens of thousands of patient samples. He brings multidisciplinary talent from both Charles River and Medical campuses, thereby enabling machine learning-driven innovation along with pursuing clinically relevant questions that have translational significance. His laboratory is funded by multiple awards from the National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, private foundations and the pharmaceutical industry. His course, Machine Learning for Biomedical Applications, attracts a diverse set of individuals with little to no background in computer science.