Emergency Radiology – Trauma Imaging

Research related to Emergency Radiology and Trauma Imaging has long been a focus of the Department of Radiology at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and Boston Medical Center (BMC). Boston Medical Center, with expertise in both adult and pediatric trauma, is the largest provider of trauma and emergency services in New England. In addition, with greater than 2,000 trauma admissions per year, it is one of the busiest trauma centers in the City of Boston. Research in our department, in close collaboration with our clinical colleagues, encompasses a wide range of areas, from abdominal to brain imaging, and beyond. Research crosses modalities (ultrasound, CT, and MRI) and explores a range of inquiry into these fields.

Collaborative Faculty

Anderson, Chapman, Clement, GuptaHolalkereLebedis, MianMorrison, Ramalingam, SakaiScalera, SettySotoTkacz

Relevant Publications

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