Funding Opportunities


Funding Announcements

The Office of Clinical Research sends announcements about research funding opportunities to the faculty on the Medical Campus when the funding source puts a limit on the number of applications that we can submit. Typically, we ask applicants to submit a preliminary proposal to the OCR. We then convene an internal selection committee which reviews all proposals and selects the strongest ones to be submitted. The table below shows funding opportunities that are currently available and their internal submission deadlines. Details about the selection process are shown below the table. Current Funding Announcements:

Outstanding New Environmental Scientist (ONES) Award



Internal Due Date

NIH NIH Director’s Early Independence Award 06/27/2018
Ellison Foundation Research Program 07/13/2018
Rita Allen Foundation Scholars Program 07/20/2018
The Kinship Foundation Searle Scholars Program 07/30/2018

Selection Process for Foundation Competitions with a Limit on Applications A number of private foundations offer programs that fund research, but they allow only a limited number of applications from a school. About 20 opportunities like this arise every year. For opportunities like this, we use the following process to select the strongest applicants for submission. At the Medical Center, the review and selection process is managed by Tom Moore, Associate Provost in the Office of Clinical Research. We announce these opportunities broadly, via email to all faculty. In some cases, CRC faculty are also eligible. If so, CRC administration sends an email to all their relevant faculty as well. Interested faculty are invited to submit a pre-application, typically including a 1-2 page description of the proposed research, a biosketch, and (if the applicant is in a junior position or a trainee) a support letter from the Department Chair or mentor. The deadline for internal submissions is usually about 6 weeks before the deadline at the foundation. All eligible pre-applications are reviewed by an internal selection committee. The reviewers vary depending on whether any special expertise is needed. Here at BUMC, the core reviewers are Andrew Taylor, David Center, and Tom Moore.   If the CRC is involved, Gloria Waters, Vice President and Associate Provost for Research, selects CRC reviewers to participate. The reviewers rank the applications. When all the rankings are in, they are compiled and distributed to the selection committee, along with an overall ranking. The overall ranking determines which candidates will be approved to submit their applications to the foundation. Usually there is good concordance among the reviewers’ rankings. If there isn’t, the committee deliberates to settle the discrepancies and select the final applicants. The final selection is usually completed within 10 days after the internal deadline. All applicants are then notified of the committee’s decisions. Because of the volume of these limited application opportunities, reviewers do not provide formal feedback for each application.