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Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM

Professor of Medicine, BUSM, Professor of Epidemiology, BUSPH

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AB, Harvard University, Boston, MA, Psychology and Social Relations

MD, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH.

Medicine ScM, Harvard University School of Public Health, Boston, MA, Epidemiology

General field of research:

Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Cardiovascular Genetics

Affiliations other than medicine:

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research

The Framingham Heart Study Section of Preventive Medicine

Section of Cardiology Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute

Epidemiology Department, Boston University School of Public Health

Contact information:

Cardiology, C-712
Phone: (617)-638 8968

The Framingham Heart Study, 73 Mount Wayte Avenue, Suite 2, Framingham, MA 01702-5827
Phone:  (508)-935 3487
Fax: (617)-638 8969


Other research websites:



Research group information

The Framingham Heart Study Fellowship Program


Atrial fibrillation; Epidemiology risk factors; Inflammation; Endothelial function; Cardiovascular disease

Summary of research interest:

Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM, FACC, FAHA, is a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at the Framingham Heart Study.  She is author of over 200 peer-reviewed publications that focus on the on the genetics, epidemiology, and prognosis of a variety of cardiovascular conditions and markers including atrial fibrillation, echocardiographic findings, vascular function and systemic inflammation.  She is Principal Investigator on 3 RO1 grants [1R01HL092577-01A1, 1R01 AG028321; HL076784].  Her grants examine the epidemiology and genetics of atrial fibrillation and inflammation.

In addition to her research, in the BU, Department of Medicine she serves as Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Diversity, and she is an Associate Editor for Circulation.  For AHA she is Vice-Chair For the Functional Genomic’s and Translational Biology Council.  She is a Chartered member of NIH Cardiovascular and Sleep Epidemiology Study Section.

Recent publications:

Benjamin EJ, Levy D, Vaziri SM, D’Agostino RB, Belanger AJ, Wolf PA. 1994. Independent risk factors for atrial fibrillation in a population-based cohort.  The Framingham Heart Study. JAMA; 271:840-4. PM:8114238

Benjamin EJ, Wolf PA, et. al. 1998. Impact of atrial fibrillation on the risk of death. Circulation; 98:946-52. PM:9737513

Wang TJ, Larson MG, Levy D, …Benjamin EJ. 2003. The Temporal Relations of Atrial Fibrillation and Congestive Heart Failure and Their Joint Influence on Mortality.  Circulation; 107;2920-5. PM:12771006

Fox CS, Parise H, D’Agostino RB, Lloyd-Jones DM, Vasan RS, Wang TJ, Levy D, Wolf PA, Benjamin EJ. 2004. Parental atrial fibrillation as a risk factor for atrial fibrillation in offspring.  JAMA; 291:2851-2855. PM:15199036

Lloyd-Jones DM, Wang TJ, Leip EP, Benjamin EJ. 2004. Lifetime risk for development of atrial fibrillation: Framingham Heart Study. Circulation; 110:1042-6. PM:15313941

Wang TJ, Parise H, Levy D, D’Agostino RB, Sr., Wolf PA, Vasan RS,* Benjamin EJ.* 2004. Obesity and the risk of new-onset atrial fibrillation. JAMA; 292:2471-2477. PM:15562125

Benjamin EJ, Chen PS, Bild DE, Mascette AM, Albert CM, Alonso A,…Ellinor PT, …Heckbert SR, Wyse DG. 2009. Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation: Report from an NHLBI Workshop.  Circulation; 119:606-618. PM:19188521

Schnabel RB, Sullivan LM, … Ellinor PT, Wolf PA, Vasan RS, Benjamin EJ. 2009. Development of a risk score for atrial fibrillation (Framingham Heart Study): a community-based cohort Lancet; 373:739-745. PM:19249635

Benjamin, EJ, Rice KM, Arking DE, Pfeufer A, van NC, Smith AV, Lunetta KL, Heckbert SR, Gudnason V, Alonso A, Kaab S, Ellinor PT, Witteman J.  2009. Variants in ZFHX3 are associated with atrial fibrillation in individuals of European ancestry.  Nat Genet. PM: 19597492

For a complete list of Dr. Benjamin’s publications on PubMed, click here.

Technologies available for sharing upon request:

Genome-wide association Data at dbGap.