The department’s educational programs have a long-standing tradition of training national leaders in discovery, clinical care, and medical education. The present faculty enthusiastically embrace this tradition and are eager to promote the development of the next generation of leaders in medicine. The current educational programs include a medical residency program totaling 156 residents, 16% of whom have an advanced graduate degree. The residency program also includes a primary care training program funded by HRSA. We are particularly proud that this year’s intern class contains 17% under-represented minorities. In addition to our residency training program, the Department’s education programs include a Ph.D. Program in Molecular Medicine and a long-standing successful program in Continuing Medical Education. The goals of the Department’s educational programs are to attract the most outstanding trainees, enforce rigorous standards of achievement, develop a learning environment and individualized programs of study that help trainees reach their full potential, and to create an exemplary mixture of professionalism, service, and integrity.

Education and Training