Flora Sam, MD, Appointed Interim Director of the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute


Flora Sam, MD, Professor in the Section of Cardiology, has been appointed the Interim Director of the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute, effective February 1. She is replacing Kenneth Walsh, PhD, who has accepted a position at the University of Virginia. Dr. Sam serves as an advanced heart failure cardiologist and her research is focused in cardiac myocyte biology and mechanistic underpinnings of cardiac remodeling in various disease states including heart failure, infiltrative cardiomyopathies and hypertension with a major focus on heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), also known previously as “diastolic failure heart failure.” Dr. Sam, who is internationally recognized in the HFpEF field, is a physician-scientist and translational researcher whose research is bidirectional, going first from the patient and then to the basic laboratory.  

Read more: https://www.bumc.bu.edu/busm/2018/01/26/flora-sam-md-appointed-interim-director-of-the-whitaker-cardiovascular-institute/

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