The Changing Face of BUSM


The motto, “exceptional care without exception”, has has always rung true at BUMC.
Whether you graduated during the 20s, 60s, 80s or last year, experiencing an excellent education from caring faculty who are leaders in their fields, and obtaining real world preparation and hands on experience while still a medical student are traits of your medical education you share with other BUSM alumni. Although this stays the same, much else has changed through the years in the School of Medicine neighborhood, campus and medical education technology. Here we highlight what BUSM is like today.

School Renovations and Modern Improvements
Photos below highlight renovations to the School of Medicine main entrance, lobby, library, second floor classrooms, anatomy lab and the use of SimMan, a patient simulator for student use.


Campus Updates




When you attended BUSM…

… was Talbot Green where students, and BUMC community gathered for lunch, socializing and respite from work? Or was it a parking lot?

… were there statues that lined the lobby walls of the School of Medicine, or was there a coffee shop?

… did you gather to socialize with students in the basement student lounge, or on the 14th floor in Hiebert Lounge?

… did you use a typewriter to write your papers, or did you recharge your laptop computer in your student locker?

… did some of the cities top restaurants line Washington and Tremont Street, or was the South End a hotspot for the jazz clubs?

… did an elevated train-line run down Washington Street, or did you ride the Silverline bus straight into downtown?


What are your memories of BUSM?

Share your memories of the school, campus, hospital, neighborhood, city and anything else that comes to mind from your time at Boston University School of Medicine!