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September 2012

Small Student Residence July 2012Medical Students Move Into the New Student Residence
The first week of August was a historic one on the medical campus, as students moved into the first ever medical student residence on campus. With 208 rooms, the residence houses members of all four class years, with a majority of students being in the Class of 2016. An instant community has sprung up in the residence, with students gathering for international potlucks, study groups and gathering to watch the Olympics together in the lounge. One student shared her thoughts on how the residence impacted her:

“I just moved in to the med student residence today – it is SO beautiful! I am so happy with my apartment and the room. It’s so wonderful! It’s going to make such a huge difference in my quality of life and mental health – I was so unhappy where I was living and I am so glad I am going to be much closer to the med campus and in walking distance to BMC when I have to be at the hospital at 5 am! I also LOVE the gym downstairs!!”

The official Dedication Ceremony for the residence will take place on September 21, 2012. View more event information here.

Summer Research in Ecuador by Brian Currie ’15
Fellow studentsBrian Currie ’15 spent 5 weeks this summer working with the Cinterandes Foundation in Ecuador. The Cinterandes Foundation is a non profit foundation that promotes human development. Brian shares his experience, “The Cinterandes surgical team has performed procedures in General, Urological, Gynecological, Reconstructive, and Ophthalmologic surgery in 17 of the 24 Ecuadorian provinces, all while operating out of a highly modified Isuzu van; as a student volunteer, you are an integral member of the team during both surgeries and pre- and post-operative patient care. When it came time to plan my summer, this program was a clear choice—it was an ideal fusion of my fascination with surgery, desire to improve my medical Spanish, and interest in making healthcare accessible to underserved patient populations. The most salient and rewarding portion of my clinical placements was the mobile surgery trip. We traveled to the town of El Guabo and, in the span of 3 days, performed 18 surgeries within the confines of our van. At the regional hospital I was able to observe approximately 8-10 different procedures per day encompassing nearly the full spectrum of surgical interventions.”

Some of Brian’s photographs from the experience are featured below.
Regional Health Clinic Cinterandes Staff and Students Cinterandes Van Closing Fellow students Snacks in between procedures Intern friends at hospital Community Center-Celebratory Event

July 2012

Commencement for the Class of 2012
The Alumni Association proudly welcomed the Class of 2012 as it’s newest members on Friday, May 18, with the Graduate Medical Sciences commencement ceremonies, and Saturday, May 19 with the Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy commencement convocation. Dean of the School of Medicine, Karen Antman welcomed graduates and their guests at both events, and honored several faculty with teaching awards. Associate Provost for the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences, Linda Hyman led PhD graduates in the first Oath of the Scientist for the School of Medicine. The oath was penned by faculty of the School. MD graduates recited their own oath, as is traditionally done.

Read more on the Class of 2012 ceremonies in: “238 Degrees Conferred at BUSM’s 165th Commencement”

Photos from Commencement were taken by Frank Curran Photography. For copies of any photos featured below, contact
GMS-011 GMS-063 GMS-075 GMS-098 GMS-142 GMS-151 GMS-174 GMS-305 Grad12-057 Grad12-131 Grad12-147 Grad12-157 Grad12-165 Grad12-168 Grad12-172 Grad12-197 Grad12-275 Grad12-283 Grad12-318 Grad12-327 Grad12-403 Grad12-474 Grad12-527

BUSM Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff March in Boston’s Pride Parade

Members of the BUSM community gathered to march in Boston’s Pride Parade on June 9, for the second year in a row. The group was the first medical school group to march under their school’s official banner in the whole country last year, and were recognized for their achievement in a ceremony before this year’s march. Coordinated by the student group MedGLO, the marchers were also supported by the Office of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs and the Alumni Association.

IMG_0026 IMG_0028 IMG_0031 IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0070 IMG_0078

April 2012

Outreach Van Project Newsletter 2012
2012 newsletter imageAs stated on the Outreach Van Project website, “The Boston University Medical Center (BUMC) Outreach Van Project (OVP) was founded in January 1997 by several students at the Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health under the guidance of an advisory board and aid from several Boston University affiliated community agencies. The mission of the Project from its inception was to have a positive impact on the health and well being of the medically underserved populations in the Greater Boston area.” Their 2012 newsletter shows what they have been up to this year and gives a more in-depth look at topics related to homelessness. Read it here: Outreach Van Project 2012 Newsletter

BUDDS Carnival
This entry was submitted by Erin Krizman ’14 (BUDDS student coordinator)

Diane Haddad '14 and Tina

Diane Haddad '14 and Tina

With the support of the BUSM Alumni Association, the Boston University Down Syndrome (BUDS) program and the Boston University Developmental Disability (BUDDs) awareness group co-sponsored a special Carnival in Hiebert Lounge on April 1st. All local individuals with developmental disabilities were invited to attend, but a special invitation was extended to the families that participate in the Operation House Call Program through the Department of Pediatrics. The Carnival featured games, crafts, prizes, snacks, dancing and lots of fun.

The BUDS program is a student-coordinated service learning elective that pairs first and second year medical students with teens or young adults with Down syndrome. The program provides medical students first-hand experiences in learning about Down syndrome directly from individuals with Down syndrome and their family members. The pairs meet each month to participate in social activities, including visiting museums, attending sporting events, exercising, sharing a meal, and spending time together with family or friends.

Through participation in the BUDS program, students improve their understanding of the diagnosis of Down syndrome and the medical, emotional, and social implications for individuals and families.

Isaiah Giese '14, Brady, Jess Lin '14, Kristine Karkoska '14, Amanda Chu '14, and Tina

Isaiah Giese '14, Brady, Jess Lin '14, Kristine Karkoska '14, Amanda Chu '14, and Tina

Kristen Hart '15, Katie and Bob (Kristen's friend)

Kristen Hart '15, Katie and Bob (Kristen's friend)

Rebecca and Kristin Schwarz '14

Rebecca and Kristin Schwarz '14

Achal Patel '13, Ryan Camilon '13, Sarah, and Kyle Trudeau (PhD Candidate)

Achal Patel '13, Ryan Camilon '13, Sarah, and Kyle Trudeau (PhD Candidate)

Students also strengthen communication skills with individuals with developmental disabilities. The program aims to enrich the lives of individuals with Down syndrome by giving them the opportunity to participate in their community with a non-family member.

The BUDS program began in 2011 and has received the generous support of the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. Seeing a need to further advance awareness and knowledge about developmental disabilities, the leaders of the BUDS program co-founded a student organization in 2011, the BUDDs Awareness Group. As all physicians, regardless of specialty, will likely encounter individuals with developmental disabilities, the BUDDs Awareness Group aims to provide opportunities for medical students to improve their knowledge and communication skills by interacting with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. For more information, see:

January 2012

Food for Thought

Food for Thought snacks setup in the Alumni Office, including trail mix, fruit, coffee and tea.

Food for Thought snacks setup in the Alumni Office, including trail mix, fruit, coffee and tea.

Students studying for exams at the School of Medicine were treated to snacks and breakfast from the Alumni Association, to help them keep up their energy and stay focused during a stressful time. Food for Thought and Bagels Before Exams programs take place several times a semester and are directed towards M.D. students in their first and second years, as well as Masters in Medical Arts students. After a recent exam period including, students shared these sentiments about the show of support from the Alumni Association:

  • “This is so sweet of you guys”
  • “This is a momentum changer, for sure!”
  • “Thank you so much this is really awesome and appreciated!”
  • “Here is the trail mix I’ve been hearing so much about!”
  • “This makes me so happy”

June 2011

Class of 2011 Commencement
The 2011 graduates of the School of Medicine celebrated commencement ceremonies on Friday, May 20th and Saturday, May 21st. Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs Jean Ramsey ’90 was on hand to congratulate each graduate and welcome them officially as alumni of the School of Medicine.

View a story on commencement here.

Class of 2011 graduates, click here to update us with your new address and include your email address to receive a print of your class photo taken on Match Day.

Commencement photos: Click on each thumbnail to view a larger version of each image. Please contact with any requests for images.

Grad-196 Grad-241 Grad-261 Grad-317 Grad-323 Grad-437 Grad-491 < Grad-590 Grad-603

Student Volunteers Make an Impact at Alumni Weekend
Every year students from the School of Medicine volunteer during Alumni Weekend to provide assistance to the Alumni Association and enjoy time with our alumni guests. This year volunteers helped to greet and mingle with guests during the Reunion Reception, joined alumni for a barbecue lunch and guided them on tours of the medical campus Saturday afternoon and greeted guests as they arrived to the Renaissance Hotel for the Annual Banquet. In addition to Alumni Weekend student volunteers help the Alumni Association with many other events and projects throughout the year. Three graduating students who stood out for their service during their time at the School of Medicine were recognized with the Student Volunteer Award during the Annual Banquet. Recipients were Daniel Kirshenbaum, Kristen Lindgren and Brandi Ring.
Below are photos of our student volunteers during Alumni Weekend 2011. We are grateful for their help and service to the school!

AW-201 AW-206 AW-212 AW-214 AW-404 AW-756 AW-758 AW-790 AW-1020 AW-1029 AW-1032 AW-1035

March 2011

Kick Back Kafe Event

BUSM students participated on Friday, February 4th, in the Kick Back Kafe. The annual talent show included performances of poetry readings, singing accompanied by acoustic guitar, The Doctors Notes BUSM student acapella group and much more. View videos of these performances here

January 2011
Photos of what was left on campus after the blizzard:

IMG_0685 IMG_0687 IMG_0693

Click here to view a time-lapse video shot in Copley Square and posted by the Boston Globe.

September 2010

Students Coordinate Donor Appreciation Ceremony
Each year the first year students at the School of Medicine are supported in part by the Alumni Association to hold a donor appreciation ceremony, where they honor the lives of those who chose to give their bodies to science posthumously. Students show their gratitude for this gift of life and learning received during Anatomy Lab through performances and words from guests speakers.
Photos of this event were taken by Tim Ryan ’13 and are featured below.

DAC2010 DAC2010a DAC2010b DAC2010c DAC2010d DAC2010e DAC2010f DAC2010g DAC2010h DAC2010i

June 2010

Student National Medical Association Organizes Community Health Fair

Participants in the Student National Medical Association coordinated the “Get Healthy Be Happy Health Fair” which took place in Dorchester on Saturday, April 10th. Students promoted the event in the community by posting flyers in three different languages. The program included job interviews, free screenings, speakers, wellness information and a kid’s table. Refreshments and entertainment were also provided.
View photos of this event taken by Tim Ryan ’13 below.

P4102428 P4102426 P4102427 P4102425 P4102419 P4102414 P4102409 P4102410

American Medical Association Student Group Takes Part In Bike Tour For Charity

School of Medicine students proudly sported BUSM Alumni Association gear as they participated in the Miles for Healthier Lifestyles bike tour on Saturday, April 24th. The event was part of the American Medical Association-Medical Student Section’s community service project where medical students show the public that they are committed to helping both patients and themselves by adopting lifestyles that focus on nutrition and exercise.

This was a non-profit event that was organized by all New England and New York medical schools. The relay teams of 15-20 medical students traversed New England stopping in different locations to pass on a baton to another school. At each location there was a kickoff event. For Boston, the kickoff event was held at Boston City Hall where the press and the public were invited to watch as Boston University, Harvard, Tufts, and University of Massachusetts medical students started their biking journey.

BU Team-funny back of jersey laurenmattben statehouse

Program Offers Medical Students Research Opportunities
Written by Mary Hopkins

A decade ago, Suzanne Sarfaty, M.D. ’88, assistant dean for academic affairs and director of international health programs, developed the Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP) at BUSM in response to student requests for greater access to research opportunities.

Students conduct research full-time for eight to 10 weeks in a variety of Medical Campus departments including medicine, surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, and emergency medicine. They work with faculty from the Medical Campus within the context of ongoing clinical and basic science research. Potential projects and mentors are identified through a database of research experiences maintained by the BUSM Office of Enrichment, or students identify projects by independently seeking mentors throughout the Medical Campus.

At the conclusion of the summer, the student researchers submit summaries of their work, even if the project is ongoing. Work often continues during the academic year.

Sarfaty has sought funding to help defray the cost of living expenses in the summer so students don’t have to find outside work and can focus on the research. The MSSRP offers up to 30 competitive scholarships each year. “We have had the good fortune of benefiting from some very generous donors, like Jerry Serchuck, and Peter Mozden, M.D. ’53, who has been connected to the program from its inception and established an endowment for scholarships by soliciting donations from his classmates ” said Sarfaty. “But as this is an ongoing program, we care continually in need of new funding.”
“It is my belief that research is a fundamental obligation of the medical profession,” said Jerry. “Every disease diagnosed, treatment provided, and student trained is only possible because painstaking research has shone a little light in the darkness.”

Alumni share their thoughts on the value of the Student Summer Research Program – To view, click here

March 2010

Students present production of Vagina Monologues to Medical Campus community, raise funds for charity and awareness of violence towards women and girls.

On Feb. 5 and 6, 2010, students representing the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and the Graduate Medical Sciences presented The Vagina Monologues to the Boston University Medical Campus. The theatrical blockbuster by founder Eve Ensler was a main component of the School’s V-Day campaign, organized by members of the cast (see photos below).

V-Day was created to serve as “a catalyst for mobilizing women and men to heighten awareness about violence against women and girls. By creating this global community, V-Day strives to empower women to find their collective voices and demand an end to the violence that affects one in three women in the U.S and around the world.”

The show was brought to the medical campus in 2009 by second year medical student Sandra Truesdell, who was involved with the show in college. All of the proceeds from the show were donated to the Boston Medical Center Domestic Violence Project and Casa Myrna Vasquez. Two members of the BUMC community, JoAnne Timmons and Dr. Sharon Levine, were named the 2010 Vagina Warriors, a title that honors women who are impacting their communities in a manner that affirms the ideals of V-Day. For more information concerning V-Day and The Vagina Monologues, please visit

2010 cast 1
2010 cast 2