Alumni Association Supporting Students

Student Group Request for Funding

  • Please fill out and submit the organizational funding form below if you would like to request funding for your student group event. You must complete it well in advance (at least 6 weeks) of your event to ensure you have time to meet with our Associate Dean, Dr. Ramsey. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • At the funding meeting with Dr. Ramsey and/or Alumni Association staff members, please be prepared to present the following information:

    Number of students in your organization.
    Number of students invited to the event.
    Number of students expected to attend the event.
    How do you plan on promoting your event and those groups which are helping to support the event?
    Will there be any alumni taking part in the event?
    Please provide a thank you letter to share with alumni
    Will there be any videos or photos of the event? (We always love to share these with alumni on our Facebook page or in our Alumni E-Newsletter. Alumni love to hear how they are helping to support students!)