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Donate a stethoscope to a member of the Class of 2019!

When the members of the entering class are welcomed to the BUSM community each fall, they each receive a white coat that symbolizes their acceptance to the profession. After a few months they also receive a stethoscope.

With the introduction of the Stethoscope Program, alumni were able to donate a stethoscope for a student for $150. On the day when stethoscopes are handed out, donor cards are inserted at random into each stethoscope kit. When students open up their kit they find a donor card complete with the name and contact information of their alumni donor. The Alumni Association is on hand to supply note cards for students to fill out to send to their alumni donor as a thank you. These donor cards are made from student photos featured in Whorl, a student group coordinated magazine supported by the Alumni Association. (Click here to see other programs we support). The Stethoscopes for Students program continues to highlight all the important aspects of alumni involvement and support at the School of Medicine. Please view the links below for additional information about this program or to donate a stethoscope for the Class of 2017 today!

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