Match Day


Congratulations to all of the students involved in the match, we are proud of how far all of your hard work has taken you!
Graduating students participated in Match Day this year on Friday, March 16th. The day began for most with a Match Day Breakfast hosted by the Alumni Association, followed by class activities, such as voting for class representatives, graduation speaker and taking the commemorative class photo on the steps of the school. Finally, at 12:00pm students gathered with friends and family, and the BUSM community in Hiebert Lounge to open their envelopes. Matching in 22 different specialties, the graduating class of 2012 will be participating in competitive residency programs all over the country.

BUSM Class of 2012 has a 97 Percent Match Rate, Surpasses National Rate
Photos of the day are included below, as well as a list of match results by number in each specialty. Contact the alumni office if you would like a copy of any of the photos for personal use.

BUSM Class of 2012 Match Results by Specialty
Specialty # of Matched Students
Anesthesiology 15
Child Neurology 1
Dermatology 1
Emergency Medicine 16
Family Medicine 17
Internal Medicine 30
Medicine-Preliminary 1
Neurology 7
Neurosurgery 1
Obstetrics/Gynecology 13
Opthalmology 9
Orthopaedic Surgery 8
Otolaryngology 4
Pathology 2
Pediatrics 17
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 1
Psychiatry 6
Radiology, Diagnostic 11
Residency Deferred 4
Surgery-General 7
Surgery-Preliminary 4
Urology 5