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Whorl Magazine 2013 is complete!
This year we have decided to transition to an electronic version of Whorl to increase access to the magazine, and the Boston University School of Medicine Alumni Association has generously offered to host our magazine.

There are many wonderful submissions this year and I hope you will enjoy the creativity of the BMC community. Students, faculty, and staff have all contributed and the magazine is a collection of photographs, poems, short stories, drawings, paintings, and digitally created art. Congratulations from the Whorl staff to the many recently graduated medical students who submitted their work!

In order to protect copyright for the contributors to Whorl, the pdf is password protected. Please use discretion in sharing the Whorl pdf and the password. Whorl magazine is a publication of the Creative Arts Society at BUSM and all works are the copyright of the contributors.

Next year we hope to launch a Whorl website, which will give even greater access to the magazine. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me attanyad@bu.edu. And please consider contributing next year!


Tanya Donahou
MD/MPH candidate
Class of 2013
Editor-in-Chief of Whorl Magazine