GSI Research Symposium

November 12, 2020
12:00-noon – 3:30 pm
The 12th Annual GSI Research Symposium will be virtual this year!

Stay Tuned for the Zoom Webinar Registration Link that will be posted after the Abstract submission due date.

Submit your Abstract BY October 12,2020 for a chance at a Short Talk that will also be your entry into Contest for the Free RNA-seq Run with the BUSM MSR Core.

The Annual GSI Research Symposium is an interdisciplinary event emphasizing research in Genetics and Genomics at Boston University, across both the MEDical Campus and the Charles River Campus. Participation is open to all Boston area researchers with interests that emphasize these disciplines.

Abstracts will be selected for Short Talk Presentations and those speakers representing their laboratories would then be eligible to compete in the GSI contest to win a set of Free RNA-seq high-throughput sequencing runs with the BUSM Microarray and Sequencing Resource Core. See below for details.

Participation in the Short Talk presentations  are open to all undergraduate students, graduate students in MA, MSc, DSc, PhD, MD, MPH and MD/PhD programs, and Postdoctoral fellows as well as Research Staff who are not faculty.

There are no formal requirements for the abstract in terms of word count or formatting, but we ask that you keep the Abstract to one page in length, and you may include just one single image to the document.

What will the Online Format for the GSI Research Symposium look like this year 2020?
New BU Faculty conducting Genomics Research:
Come meet the latest top-notch Genetics and Genomics faculty who have or will be joining the MED and CR Campuses.  Network and explore new collaboration possibilities!  Current Lineup includes:  Michael Blower, Florian Douam, Ruben Dries, Ana Fiszbein, Elliot Hagedorn, Christopher Heaphy, and Jonathan Huggins.
Short Talk Presentations by Students, Postdocs and Research Staff (not faculty):
Presenters will be invited from abstracts submitted by undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows as well as research staff who are not faculty level.
Honoraria Awards And a Competition to win free RNA-seq runs with the BUSM Microarray and Sequencing Resource Core. :

All students, postdocs and staff selected to give a short talk will receive a speaking honorarium award for writing a winning abstract. Certain talks can also be judged in a competition to give the individual’s lab some free RNA-seq runs at the BUSM MSR Core that are sponsored by Illumina and the BU GSI.  The Awards for free RNA-seq runs will provide library construction service for up to 8 samples barcoded and multiplexed, and mixed onto the new NextSeq2000 flow cells.

Who else will be there?
Welcome address from BUSM Dean and MED Campus Provost Dr. Karen Antman
A MSR Core Presentation with Illumina: The MSR Core Director, Dr. Yuriy Alekseyev and an Illumina Representative will present the new NextSeq2000 Instrument that will increase our sequencing throughput.  In addition, Illumina will describe the newest RNA-seq library construction kits now released and promoted through the Free RNA-seq competition.

Representatives from BU Graduate Programs in Genetics and Genomics will be available.

Please contact with any questions.

Short Talks Presentations for Students/Postdocs/Staff and New BU Genomics/Genetics faculty

A select number of abstract submissions from students, postdoctoral fellows and research staff will be chosen for short talk presentations.  If you would like to be a presenter, and you are not interested in being considered for the Free RNA-seq Competition, please indicate so on the Submission Form by selecting the appropriate response from the drop down menu.

  • In addition to recognition from the GSI, short talk presentations will also be eligible for an honorarium award.
  • Presentations will be 7-10 minutes in length.  Between 10-15 presenters will be chosen in total.
  • The Symposium Coordinators will contact presenters to discuss connecting to the Zoom Webinar platform


No public gatherings = no poster session this year.





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