Genomics Research Tools

Future GSI Support for Genomics Research Tools with broad use by the BUMC community.

The BUMC GSI will be looking for feedback and suggestions for new tools that are both affordable and have broad utility to the genomics community.  If you have an idea of a cost-effective genomics package, please discuss with GSI Co-Directors how we can partner to explore new support options to help labs enter into the genomics research arena. You may submit your suggestions via email to

GraphPad Prism and Snapgene

The GSI has a limited number of seats for GraphPad Prism and SnapGene software. The use of this software is subsidized by the GSI and thus is intended for use by the BUMC Genetics and Genomics Trainees (Graduate Students and Postdocs). Since there are a limited number of seats, claiming a seat will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. A maximum of four trainees from the same lab may be allowed a seat on our licenses.  Any remaining seats will be available to trainees from labs who are members of the GSI and engage in GSI initiatives. To be considered for a seat on one of these licenses, please email requesting access, pending an available seat.


Ingenuity IPA Software – 2024 Important Update

**Access will begin starting April 1, 2023

Qiagen Contact: Scott Magin –  <>  to ask for instructions.  

For training slides from our March 7th workshop, please visit:  BU IPA 030723

We are pleased to announce the that GSI will be renewing our license with Qiagen for Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) for the upcoming year. As part of the renewal, we have upgraded our license to include IPA Analysis Match which will allow users to not only quickly visualize and understand complex ‘omics data, but will also allow users to place these results within the context of biological systems. Over the course of the past year we have been working closely with Qiagen to ensure a seamless transition to our new license as well as improved accessibility for the GSI community. If you are interested in IPA Analysis Match for your research please contact for details on both trial and full access site licenses.


Fee Schedule
IPA trial License: Trial license allows free access to IPA Analysis Match for 2-weeks. This allows users the opportunity to explore IPA on a limited basis to determine whether the platform meets their research needs. This license can then be expanded to a full site license, see below.

Full Site License: for access to the full site license we require an $840 buy-in from a sponsoring PI. The sponsoring PI will then be allowed to provide access to a maximum of 6 trainees. Each trainee will use their own login credentials to access IPA Analysis Match. Each BU email account allows installation on up to 3 devices.

Once we have received payment from a sponsoring PI, email addresses will be added to the Qiagen ITA list and the Software Calendar

1. Our site license allows a single user at a time. Much like other core services you will need to book time ‘on’ IPA using a calendar. Please be diligent about your usage or it will negatively impact everyone.
2. We are asking that each user sign-up on the Calendar above using their name and email address. Please book analysis for an entire day (i.e. instead of a block of two hours, please book the whole day). This will ensure you can complete your analysis while avoiding running into someone else’s time.
3. Users MUST Log out after their allotted time is up.  Given that our site license allows a single user access at a time, failure to log-out will block access to any other user! If there is a lock-out, users can use the Google Calendar to identify the individual and contact them directly for support. In the event of a lock-out please contact us at to report the offense.
4. Every 2 months, GSI will do an audit on individuals accessing IPA and any reported offenses.  Offenders will be given a warning and Sponsoring PI will be notified.  If there are repeated offenses, the offending individual will be banned and account on IPA revoked.

QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) New User trainings are available during the first and third Tuesday and Wednesday of every month. Registration can be found here.

For additional details and inquiries about this new program, please email