Statistical Genetics Working Group

This group provides an opportunity for faculty, post-docs, and students to informally present and discuss by recent work, research in progress, new methods, challenging issues and/or recent literature related to the statistical analysis of genetic data.

Statistical Genetics Seminar Series ( For more information, please contact Ching-Ti Liu.
Room: Crosstown 305 unless change is announced
Time: 9:30 ~11:00 AM unless change is announced
Date Topic Presenter Note
9/16/2022 TBD Alisa Manning
10/7/2022 Cluster Derived Polygenic Scores Associate with Disease Outcomes  Dan Dicorpo
10/21/2022 New proposed graph neural network with applications to omic data Tiantian Yang
11/18/2022 Powerful, scalable and resource-efficient meta-analysis of rare variant associations in large whole-genome sequencing studies Xihao Li
12/2/2022 Bayesian Multivariate Genetic Analysis Boosts Translational Insights Sarah Urburt
1/20/2023 Rare variants and ECG traits Sophie Gunn
2/17/2023 Whole genome sequence analysis of long non-coding RNAs for plasma lipid traits Yuxuan Wang
3/17/2023 Sparse bayesian factor model for family data Ruiqi Wang
4/21/2023 TBD TBD
5/19/2023 TBD TBD