GSI Seminar Series


The goals of this seminar series are i) to host extramural speakers who are internationally recognized researchers at the vanguard of genetics and genomics research, and ii) to promote interactions and collaborations among Boston University investigators engaged in genetics and genomics research.

This monthly seminar series is held on a Tuesday from 12-1 p.m. in the Conte Building, K103 (unless otherwise indicated).

If you have suggestions for invited speakers, or if you would like to present an intramural seminar, please email

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Upcoming seminars:

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Previous Seminars:

September 20th (Tuesday)- Ignaty Leshchiner, PhD

“Clonal heterogeneity, competition and resistance: from premalignancy to drug refractory disease”

Associate Professor in Computational Biomedicine

Boston University School of Medicine

Recorded seminar:

Host: Nelson Lau

October 11th (Tuesday)- Chonghui Cheng, MD, PhD

“Deconvoluting alternative RNA splicing in breast cancer metastasis”

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Molecular and Human Genetics, Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Baylor College of Medicine

In Person

Host: Alla Grishok

November 21st (Monday)- Yukiko Yamashita, PhD

Professor of Biology, MIT; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Center

Department of Biochemistry Seminar – In Person

Hosts: Nelson Lau and Michael Blower

November 29th (Tuesday)- Rupa Sridharan, PhD

“Manipulating the epigenome to enable a change in cell identity”

Associate Professor in Epigenetics Hub, Wisconsin Institute of Discovery; Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology

University of Wisconsin

In Person

Host: Alla Grishok

January 24th (Tuesday)- Parse Biosciences

SPLIT-Seq Presentation by Joseph Kelly, Technical Sales Manager


February 7th (Tuesday)- EpiCypher

Cut&Run Seminar by Michael-Christopher Keogh, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer


March 7th (Tuesday)- QIAGEN

Technology Seminar presented by Scott Magin, Associate Director, Digital Insights and Kristin O’Malley Field Application Scientist, Digital Insights


For training slides from our March 7th workshop, please visit:  BU IPA 030723

April 4th (Tuesday)- William Hwang, MD, PhD

“Therapeutic resistance and tumor-nerve interactions in pancreatic cancer elucidated by single-cell, spatial, and functional genomics”

William Hwang 1.jpg

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Physician-Scientist, Center for Systems Biology, Department of Radiation Oncology, Center for Cancer Research at MGH

Associate Faculty Member, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard


Host: Dylan Steiner

April 19th (Wednesday)- Z. Hong Zhou, PhD at 2:30 p.m.

“Capturing viral genome packaging and transcription by cryoEM”

Professor, Dept of Microbiology, Immun. & Mol. Genetics

Director, Electron Imaging Center for Nanomachines (EICN)

University of California, Los Angeles

Z. Hong Zhou, Ph.D.


Host: Ruslan Afasizhev

May 2nd (Tuesday) – ACD Bio

“Visualize Gene Expression In Situ With RNAscope”


Host: Bob Varelas

POSTPONED – Rachel O’Neill, PhD

“Using T2T scale genomics to study centromere function and evolution”

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

Molecular & Cellular Biology, Genetics & Genomics

University of Connecticut


Host: Mike Blower