GSI Seminar Series


The goals of this seminar series are i) to host extramural speakers who are internationally recognized researchers at the vanguard of genetics and genomics research, and ii) to promote interactions and collaborations among Boston University investigators engaged in genetics and genomics research.

This monthly seminar series is held on a Tuesday from 12-1 p.m. in the Conte Building, K103 (unless otherwise indicated).

If you have suggestions for invited speakers, or if you would like to present an intramural seminar, please email

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Upcoming seminars:

April 9th (Tuesday) – William Mair, PhD

“Metabolic Flexibility and Healthy Aging”

William B Mair

Associate Professor of Molecular Metabolism

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Host: Thomas Liontis (GPGG Student)

Previous Seminars:

August 21st (Monday)- Dr. Alper Akay

“U6 snRNA m6A modification is required for accurate and efficient cis- and trans-splicing of C. elegans mRNAs”

Alper Akay

University of East Anglia

Host: Alla Grishok

September 12th (Tuesday) – 10x Genomics

“Go where single cell has never gone before”

Presented by Caroline Petersen

Science & Technology Advisor


Host: Yuriy Alekseyev

September 26th (Tuesday) – Sara Rouhanifard, PhD

“Developing tools for single-molecule sequencing and imaging of RNA modifications”

Sara Rouhanifard

Associate Professor of Bioengineering

Northeastern University College of Engineering

Host: Jenna Libera

October 3rd (Tuesday) – Winston Timp, PhD  followed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies Inc. Seminar

“Beyond Assembly: The increasing flexibility of single molecule sequencing”

Winston Timp

Associate Professor of Biomedical engineering

John Hopkins University

Host: Rachel Flynn

October 17th (Tuesday) – Rachel O’Neill, PhD

“Using T2T scale genomics to study centromere function and chromosome evolution”

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

Molecular & Cellular Biology, Genetics & Genomics

University of Connecticut


Host: Mike Blower

December 5th  (Tuesday) – Scale Biosciences Technology Seminar

“Single Cell Biology using Combinatorial Indexing at ScaleBio: scRNA & scMethylation”

Presented by Nora Martin


Host: Nabil Rabhi, PhD