Karin Sloan

Academic rank
Assistant Professor
Training name and year attended
AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Development Seminar 2011
Training web link
Brief training description
Career Development program for early career women academic faculty.
What did you learn?
I was able to review my accomplishments critically, identify holes and opportunities for future growth. I learned communication skills and how they might apply to different types of personalities and work styles. Learned to identify what I need to advance in my career and how to advocate better for these needs.
Would you recommend the program? Who could benefit from attending?
Yes- would recommend. Good opportunity to meet other junior faculty in other institutions. Great senior career women role models lead the course.

Would recommend for anyone who wishes to take the opportunity to reflect and map their career. People who are in situations where they feel they are not heard as much as they would like to be and wish to strengthen their communication skills.

Are you willing to be contacted about the program?
  • Yes

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